Ludovico Failla

composer - kora player

music for images

THE GOAT (Keaton 1921)
24mins /soundtrack
A colorfull musical conterpoint for a beautiful classic. Maybe my dearest work so far. It won 2nd prize at Sounds of Silence 2017 by Edison Studio.

IDLE 11’28” /soundtrack
a diverse texture palette for a futuristic human-machine video piece by Stefan Hurtig

WAVER 9’25” /soundtrack
a 6 channels surround soundtrack for a immersive 3 screen installation about a blobby monster flowing thru the night. by Nicola Piccini e Valerio Figuccio. full work link

LATIUM VETUS 24’27” /sound /cut /color
experimental documentary by Virgil Darelli.
A tourist visits an area with no name and nothing but faulty communication lines, which preserve but confuse its memory.

INNATURA 3’30” /soundtrack
an entrancing seamless soundloop for a video installation by Valerio Figuccio

XENOS 2’11 /soundtrack
distopic short on the theme of xenofobia. Hand-drawn by Giulia Cabassi and Ioana Pirlea